Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tutorial on "MERICA" (final project part 3)

1) First get your base photo anything will work for this but i used a darker looking photo to give it a edgier look too it. 

2) Find a photo of a helicopter to add a more action filled picture. I used a photo of a helicopter that was already silhouetted. Create a outline using your polygonal lasso tool and cut around the edges. It will be much easier if you zoom so you can define the edges more.

3) After you have your helicopter selected take your cursor tool and drag it to the main photo. After doing this change the layer to COLOR BURN this will give your helicopter a darker look to it so it can fit in with the rest of the photo.

4)Now find a photo of a muzzle flash to make the soldiers look like they are firing their weapons.Use the magic wand tool to get any unwanted color out of the image. Then go to IMAGE, Image rotation, and flip horizontal. Select the magic wand tool and inverse so you just have the flash selected then drag to the 

photo. You can adjust the image to the size you want by going to Image and image size.
5) Lastly we are going to add an American flag over the image. Open your image of a flag and match it to the size of your image. After this turn the opacity down to around 30 so you can still see the background. Anddddd your done!

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